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Cufflinks made from WW II fighters, bombers & Cold War jets

Our range of cufflinks feature:

Spitfires - Battle of Britain Spitfire cufflinks made from the Merlin engines of ‘bail out’ Spitfires shot down in combat during the Battle of Britain.

Dam Buster Lancaster - Dam Buster Cufflinks made from fragments of the famous 617 Squadron Dam Buster Lancaster ‘M for Mother’.

Victoria Cross Lancaster - Cufflinks made from the Pathfinder Lancaster in which Squadron Leader Bazalgette won the Victoria Cross.

Red Arrow - Red Arrow Cufflinks made from the wing of a Hawk from the elite RAF Red Arrows Aerobatic Team

Vulcan - Cufflinks made from the bomb doors of the iconic Avro Vulcan delta wing nuclear bomber

Electric Lightning - Cufflinks made from the wing of the air speed record breaking Cold War interceptor the English Electric Lightning.

We take actual pieces of these aircraft, either recovered by archaeologists from the World War ll crash site or salvaged when the aircraft were decommissioned, and set them as centre pieces in elegant silver and gold cufflinks.

Handmade by British craftsmen to the very highest standards, the cufflinks are supplied in a beautiful bespoke presentation box set together with a detailed aircraft, combat and pilot history.

Prices from £75.00